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Contact Us - Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Mark Rutheiser, Interim Executive Director mirutheiser@ucdavis.edu 530.752.1616
Reed Kawahara, Director of Public-Private Partnerships rkawahara@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1075
Rhonda Lake, Associate Director rrlake@ucdavis.edu 530.752.0250
Kelly Currywood, Project Coordinator kscurrywood@ucdavis.edu 530.752.3776
Beverly Hahner, Lease Administrator bahahner@ucdavis.edu 530.752.8708
Noelle Reis, Lease Administrator nsreis@ucdavis.edu 530.752.1225
Katelyn Quinn, Home Loan Coordinator kquinn@ucdavis.edu 530.752.1662
Lisa Kuban, Executive Assistant lmkuban@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1112

For general questions or concerns, please email us at realestateprojects@ucdavis.edu